Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nick Cave show

No, not THAT Nick Cave, the other one; my new fave artist. Catch his show at SAM Seattle or wherever he takes his show near you. I love how fiber arts are taking a fine art direction. I totally want to make a costume like this for BM this year, so whimsical, so colorful. Great use of found objects (I admit to being a dumpster diver for art materials, it's genetic, but I'm kinda proud of it now) Amazing integration of cultures and imagery. He's the black dude in alot of the photos and videos, uh, he's pretty hot! He's also a very prolific artist; most of those pieces looked like they took some intensive time to make, and there were alot of them; although it looks like his students help out. He's also a pretty slick marketer; had his own little gift shop within his individual space at the museum. One of the better exhibits I've been to in a long time, highly recommended.

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