Friday, December 3, 2010

new cowl finished!

Now that I live in a cooler climate, I can play with knitting and crocheting! This is a new cowl I just finished..... the idea was for it to look tribal... not sure the day-glo yarn carries that off; and also to use the Knifty Knitter that I bought 4 years ago. I don't like to store things that don't get used, so I decided it either needed to be usefull or go..... I did the body of the cowl with the large ring and then added on the design elements using my imagination :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

starting a new group

     Settling into my new/ old locale (I've lived in the Seattle area before) and looking to meet up with other crafters. I couldn't find quite a local group, so I'm starting one up myself! We'll be meeting at the Burien Press on 152nd St., from 5-7 pm on Tuesdays. It's right across the street from the library. This group is primarily for knit and crochet, and it's called Dang Knit!  I'm so hoping some of you will want to do some friendly yarn-bombing! ie, stuff we won't get arrested for :P