Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Starry Goblet - new ceramic piece

Here's a goblet that I made recently......... 

The stars remind me of the magical feeling of drinking a glass, or two, even, of wine in the evening. Hopefully, with good company.

 Sadly, I spent so much time on this goblet, that I can't sell it; it would be too expensive for anyone to want to buy.
 Happily, I love this goblet and don't want to sell it, lol. 

The bottom of the cup has a surprise in it:

It's been suggested to me that a goblet made of ceramic may be too heavy . 
As someone who has (more than once) knocked a glass over, I like the idea of a cup with a little weight. 

Leave me a comment on your thoughts about the weight of a goblet and whether a lighter or a heavier cup appeals to you and why.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Plant Markers

Planning for next year's garden season? 
I'm always thinking about ways to improve my garden; probably because I start out with good intentions to be organized and end up like a plant fairy scattering seeds randomly wherever there's space and then wondering what the heck is coming up. 

So, once again, I am planning to do better next year, and designed these cute plant markers to try to keep track of my manic planting. If you, also, would like to be more organised, you can get these plant markers in my etsy shop, in pre-made sets with: carrot, pea, lettuce, bean, squash, and radish; or order custom sets of markers with the names of plants that you want.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Where the Light Gets In -New Ceramic Sculpture

So happy to be doing ceramics again after all these years. 
Mixing a bit of the abstract in with the practical.

This new piece is called "Where the Light Gets In". 
It's inspired by a variety of impressions; Leonard Cohen's song "Anthem", the Rumi quote " the wound is where the light enters", and a curiosity about a bird's experience upon making the crack to leave the egg...

The two separate pieces of the sculpture were made with impressions of real crow feathers.

The egg opens at the crack to hold a tiny light that shines from the inside outward.