Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Creating Spring

If you're like me, you're ready for Spring to be sprung already! I decided to get the party started and create some cute spring giveaways in the process. This is a tried and true spring project; I gave it a little twist by adding some spring -themed sticky jewels that I picked up at the craft store. It's a great re-use for eggshells. Fill the shell with some potting soil and put in a seed or two of a fast-sprouting, cool weather plant; I used Calendula which for me has sprouted in less than a week and can be planted out as soon as it gets a couple of true leaves. I then put it in a window that gets light most of the day (I would love to say sun, but I haven't seen that for some time now) actually, there must have been a bit when I took this photo.... I'm sure it was an aberrant moment. So far, those I have given as gifts were met with smiles :) 


  1. precious. i lovez it.
    (please tell me those are free range eggs though...)

  2. of course! Free-range and organic, AND local :)