Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Eggs

So, probably this should've been posted a week ago, but this is my attempt at natural egg coloring. This is something I still have to perfect. I tried a few different dye baths using natural materials and these two so far at least gave me some real color, turmeric and elderberry. Yes, I added vinegar to the baths, and simmered them to unleash the color. I tried paprika, but it didn't do a whole lot. I didn't have a rack to dry them on, so I stuck them in an empty egg carton, which gave them this sort of mottled look, which I actually liked.

My local egg lady has eggs again, yay! and these are eggs shells as they naturally occur:

I'm kinda leaning toward the natural look.......

Has anyone else had luck with natural dyes? What did you use?

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