Friday, June 8, 2012

On a Wing and Prayer

Recently I've found two different bird wings in my path while on my travels.... Just the wing, don't know where the rest of the bird went, most likely taken by a hawk. I've always had a fascination with birds, and these came at the culmination of a course of spiritual studies I'd been doing with a group; in fact I found the second wing while meeting with the group and one of the women had previously found one herself, so we all had one. Happy synchronicity. Following my natural shamanistic tendencies, I turned mine into a smudge wand to honor the spirit of the bird and have just completed turning the second one into a smudge wand for my friend as well.

What mundane things have you found that have magical meaning for you?


  1. Bird feathers always have a magical meaning to me and I pick up and save ever single one I find. I feel as though they are gifts.

    Rocks - always rocks. Whenever I touch them i can feel something - unexplainable but something.

    Trees - I have an immediate connection to almost every tree i see.

    I see none of these as mundane however. What is mundane in my eyes - all the stuff we think we need to be happy -