Monday, June 11, 2012

Chive Flower Vinegar

OK, so I am the last blogger this year to post about making chive flower vinegar. The season is pretty much over, too; but this vinegar comes out so pretty, I just had to share.

Collect the fresh flowering tops of chives; fill a bottle half full of the flowers and fill the rest with vinegar. White distilled vinegar comes out the prettiest color of pink; but I've been told that a better quality vinegar, such as apple cider will come out tastier; so I tried that with my second batch. It still comes out an interesting reddish color. Let the flowers steep in the vinegar for about a week, and you'll have some very garlicky vinegar. For a more subtle flavor, use less flowers. I like strong earthy tastes, yum. Don't throw away the flowers after you strain them out! You now have pickled chive flowers, which are great in salads, in rice and beans, on sandwiches, etc., etc.

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