Thursday, November 14, 2013

9 of Wands

The other day one of my favorite Tarot sites, Angel Paths, posted the 9 of Wands as the card of the day.
I like this site, because it gives quick, concise meanings for cards as well as some positional information, and uses different decks, which is fun....... I get a lot out of the different, creative imagery people use for the cards. Btw, I find tarot cards to be a great resource for self study; to use to ponder things in my daily life. 

I'm not so much of the psychic reading variety........ I like to pull a daily card to think about.....

The cards draw upon common collective unconscious and personal themes.
The 9 of Wands represents an ongoing struggle, in which one has the fortitude to persevere.
I started thinking about how this card might apply in my own life, and suddenly remembered working with some "wands" myself the day before......... bamboo poles....

I went out to my garden and looked..... sure enough, I had 9 pole placements (if you look carefully, there are actually 10 poles, with 2 in one spot at the gate in the middle). 
I love when life is synchronous like that. 

Those bamboo poles indeed represent the culmination of of a struggle.... one to keep a very persistent chicken out........... she can dig a hole 2 feet deep in about 3 minutes flat and was destroying my plantings! 

The suit of wands represents, energy, force and movement. 
See the moving chicken....
I think I've outsmarted her......... for now..........

Magic often happens in the mundane events of daily life......
Can you remember any time when tarot or magic has intersected with your daily life? 

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