Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Starry Goblet - new ceramic piece

Here's a goblet that I made recently......... 

The stars remind me of the magical feeling of drinking a glass, or two, even, of wine in the evening. Hopefully, with good company.

 Sadly, I spent so much time on this goblet, that I can't sell it; it would be too expensive for anyone to want to buy.
 Happily, I love this goblet and don't want to sell it, lol. 

The bottom of the cup has a surprise in it:

It's been suggested to me that a goblet made of ceramic may be too heavy . 
As someone who has (more than once) knocked a glass over, I like the idea of a cup with a little weight. 

Leave me a comment on your thoughts about the weight of a goblet and whether a lighter or a heavier cup appeals to you and why.

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