Friday, September 14, 2012

Day Tripping

About two weeks ago, I took a day trip to Portland. Yes, it takes me THAT long to edit photos and then post. Taking photos is sooo fun, editing them ... not so much. If I could give budding photographers a tip, it would be, try to narrow your choices to the best ones and concentrate your creativity on getting the best shot out of a few themes, rather than shooting a gazillion (at least) photos which you will spend hours editing. Oh, the multiple shots of one flower I took in the Rose Garden to get the lighting and angle just so.... except when I get back, then I can't decide. This has been an issue since art school, 20 some years ago. Alright, so enough complaining, just show us the shots, you say.

Ok..... I went to the Rose Garden, downtown to my favorite salt store, The Meadow, a store dedicated to salt from all over the world, along with artisan chocolate and bitters, and finished up with Voodoo Donuts.

Squinting, but I wanted the shot with roses in the background.

I liked the juxtaposition of the faded old bloom with the new buds about to bloom.

The Green Faeries came to say "hi" in this shot. :)

I also had fun putting filters on some of the shots......

and Voodoo Donuts, where I can't eat anything, being gluten-free, but I had a great time picking out donuts for the boyfriend who CAN eat them. Some of their donuts are x-rated, .... hey, I didn't name them, but it appeals to my naughty side.

From top left clockwise, the Cock and Balls donut, yes, it's cream filled; I think the bf got a bit annoyed with me over that one, maybe it was my hysterical laughter as he ate it,... the Voodoo donut, with a pretzel "pin", the Dirty Bastard, with smashed Oreo cookies, and the Maple-glazed donut with bacon on top, oh, how I wanted to try that one.


  1. I loved seeing the rose garden through your eyes. I love every image - every one beautiful, well composed, and it is apparent that you love dancing with the light as much as i do.

    Haven't been to Voodoo donuts. Will have to make it a point on day - after i stop giggling!

  2. Thanks, Pam, yes Voodoo Donuts is hilarious. :)