Monday, August 20, 2012

Home Grown Corn

It was so exciting to make posole from my own home-grown corn! I still have to work on the nixtamalization process, but it was close enough to eat. This is a process of soaking the corn in a lime material (food grade) to remove the outer layer of the corn and make it more digestible and nutritious. If you ever eat tortillas made from corn you will see lime listed in the ingredients, and this is what it is for. It's an alkaline powder made from sea shells or sometimes wood ash. I grew Painted Mountain Corn from Uprising Seeds; a variety that grows well here in the Pacific Northwest. Last summer I did a post about making a corn dolly from the husks; and also my attempts at dying wool with them.

Now I finally got around to eating them!


  1. Yummmmmmmmmmm. That bowl of pesole looks soo good to me!

    So did you grow the special corn that is used for pesole - hominey? We don't have "soil" living in an apartment so growing our own is out of the question, but I am curious.

    Won't you share your recipe?

  2. I used the Indian corn that I grew for the husks, it's a dent or flour corn, but can also be used like a hominy; it's a much smaller kernel than the hominy. I got the recipe from Sunset Magazine, and mostly followed it.... I can never follow a recipe exactly. :)