Saturday, February 18, 2012

Girly Tea

I had visions at the beginning of the week of foraging for stinging nettles, as several sources have reported they're up; but the weather has been blustery, cool and rainy. Yes, there was that one odd day that was sunny. that was the day after the night I didn't sleep.... figures. So, for the moment, I'm contenting myself with what has become my fave tea lately...... and re-organizing my work room, which I would gladly put off if it was nice out, but which badly needs to be done. sigh......

Girly Tea

all amounts are approximate, I never measure

2 tsp. dried nettle leaf
2 tbsp. dried raspberry leaf
1 tsp. dried borage flowers, they don't have much taste, but they're so pretty and supposedly a mood lifter
2 dried rose hips
1 dried red clover flower

I have a ceramic steeping cup from World Market that I can make 1 cup of tea in. You could also use some sort of infusion ball, but would probably need to crush the ingredients more, or you could pour the boiling water over it in a cup or bowl and then strain to drink.I like my herbal teas for the most part without sweetener, but you could add honey or sugar or stevia if you like sweet tea.

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