Friday, March 18, 2011

 Hi, all, I've decided to post directions for the scarf below, so I can post it on my Ravelry account. Happy crochet-ing!

Boyfriend Scarf by Dyhana
Materials: One skein of sport weight yarn
Hook: I used an "G"
I noticed that the sport weight yarn had a tendency to fold over in the finished scarf; try a thicker yarn with a larger hook size if you want a more substantial scarf.

I cast on 80 st, this allowed the scarf to loop around once nicely, add more if you want a longer scarf. Turn, (Row 1,sl st all the way across, turn, Row 2, ch 1, sc all the way across, turn, Row 3, ch 2, hdc all the way across, turn) Repeat Rows 1-3 until you have the width you desire, turn, sl st across one more time to create matching edge to first edge. Bind Off.

Give to grateful boyfriend (or whoever :)

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